Weight watchers points restaurant nutrition: pts + org pts: serv size: cal: tot fat lo mein chicken, lunch: 19: 15: n/a: 710: 18: 2.5: 7: 42: 98: 3040: n/a: lo mein combo, lunch.

Weight Watchers Points In Lo Mein  

How many points according to weight watchers diet is in lo main? | the weight watcher points vary depending on where you eat, but leann chin beef lo mein ha.

april 16

recipes from our collection of weight watcher recipes, including our ham chow mein try one of our weight watchers pork recipes from thoroughly and heat to boiling point.
Great low point food finds..let the secret out! and are used under licence by fortuity pty ltd., weight watchers services pty ltd. and supermarket.

Weight watchers sweet and sour chicken*weight watchers pork lo mein*weight watchers pepper steak*weight watchers orange beef and many more! all recipes have the points.
Lo mein,with beef,chicken, or pork: 1 cup: 8: lo mein,with shrimp: 1 cup: 8: loquats burger king;s weight watchers points. the following are food items from burger king;s menu.

My local does singapore chow mein and started a low carb, low fat diet and joined by fallen angel in forum weight watchers - discover plan points.
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